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#012: Cultivating Culture around God's Presence

Michael, Joel and Eniola talk about the friendships and culture at Upperroom that has been established around our common pursuit - to see His presence transform our lives.

#011: Eternal Rewards

We dive into the topic of our eternal rewards in heaven and how to steward our life on earth in light of eternity.

#010: Jesus' Second Coming

Corey Russell joins the usual four to discuss the end times and our blessed hope.

#09: Tested Positive for COVID-19

Autumn Williams shares about her positive COVID-19 test results and how she's processed the physical symptoms and anchored her spirit in the Word and promises of God.

#08: Psalm 91 with Peggy Joyce Ruth

Michael, Joel, and Elyssa talk to Peggy Joyce Ruth about the impact that Psalm 91 has had on her life. Peggy Joyce has studied and meditated on Psalm 91 for the last 40 years. If you don't know who she is, look her up. She is an amazing woman of God.

#07: Discussing Passover with Rabbi Jason

This week begins Passover and Michael calls in his good friend, Rabbi Jason Sobel to discuss the significance of Passover, especially during this "plague" of COVID-19 and time of sheltering at home.

#06: More Corona Convos

Michael calls in four of his dear friends to hear how they're doing and what words of encouragement they have as we continue to shelter-at-home.

#05: Peter Louis and Keeping the Blood Warm

Our friend Peter Louis talks about his revelation of the daily sacrifice priests performed and his new book Keeping the Blood Warm. Visit braveheartministries.org for more info.

#04: The B-I-B-L-E

This week we are launching an online Bible study that is open to the public. So in this podcast Joel and Elyssa share how being in this Bible study has changed their lives, and especially grounded them and brought peace in this season of uncertainty. We hope to see you online Monday-Thursday at 10AM (CST) for our online study. We are starting in the book of Matthew!

#03: Covid-19 Thoughts and Feels

This week we are talking about our struggles, fears and faith responses to being at home, out of routine, and with no idea how long Coronavirus could continue to impact our lives.

#02: Unpacking Israel

Michael, Autumn, Joel and Elyssa share experiences from their recent trip to Israel and how what they saw and heard will forever change their walks with the Lord.

#01: Land of the Living

This week Michael is talking with UPPERROOM Global Director, Autumn Williams as well as Joel Figueroa and Elyssa Smith, two of our worship leaders, discussing our NEW album with ten original songs released on March 20th. We are talking about why we released when we did, about various songs on the album and the opportunity we have to feast on fear or faith.

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