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#042: Convo w/ The Fords

In this podcast, Michael and Lorisa sit down with Will and Dehavilland Ford. They discuss their prophetic dreams, and how the Lord is raising up women to lead out in m...

#040: Convo with Chase and Lindy Cofer

Michael and Lorisa talk ministry, YWAM, life, family, Circuit Riders, testimonies and swap stories with Chase and Lindy Cofer.

#039: Convo with Laura Hackett Park

In this podcast, Michael & Lorisa sit down with Laura Hackett Park. They discuss growing with a ministry, the early days, and balancing home life with ministry.

#38: Convo with Brian & Grace Kim

Today we have on Brian & Grace Kim, we have an awesome history with them and an even better future. They are the new senior pastors of UPPERROOM DENVER and we're so ex...

#037: Convo with Kyle Martin

In this convo, Michael & Lorisa sit down with Kyle Martin. We talk about his history and ministry, Time To Revive. If you want to grow in evangelism, learning how to t...

#036 : Convo with Brian & Marcela Barcelona

In this episode, Michael & Lorisa sit down with Brian and Mercela Barcelona. They've recently moved to Dallas from California, Brian leads an online youth ministry whi...

#035: Convo with Danny Silk

Michael & Lorisa sit down with Danny Silk. We're sure so many have been impacted by his books and teachings and we dive deep into those as well as his new book 'Unpuni...

#033: Convo with Brian Guerin

Michael & Lorisa sit down with Brian Guerin, a prophet & mystic who carries a purity when it comes to hearing the Lord and making it accessible. We talk about Brian's ...

#032: Convo with Peter & Kristi Louis

Michael & Lorisa Miller get to sit down with Peter & Kristi Louis. The Millers have known the Louises for over 12 years and the Louises were foundational to the beginn...

#031: Convo with Michael Koulianos

In this week's episode, Michael and Lorisa Miller sit down with Michael Koulianos. Michael Koulianos and his wife lead Jesus Image, a ministry that hosts events nation...

#030: Convo with Vincent Hardy

In this convo, Lorisa and Michael sit down with Vincent Hardy. Vincent has been a part of UPPERROOM for some time, he leads the Zion Dance Project and has a history of...

#029: Convo with Naci and Josh Littlejohn

In this week's podcast, Lorisa & Michael sit down with Naci and Josh Littlejohn, brother and sister in law to Michael and Leaders of SAFETIME. We'll be talking about a...

#028: Convo with Jon Tyson

In this week's podcast, Michael, Lorisa, and Elyssa sit down with Jon Tyson, pastor of Church of the City (NYC). Jon blasts us with wisdom, revelation, and nuggets of ...

#027: Convo with The Gamboas

In this episode, Michael, Lorisa, and Elyssa sit down with the Gamboa brothers (Oscar, Julian, & Gabe). They are some of UPPERROOM's lead musicians (bass, piano, lead ...

#026: Convo with Michael & Jessica Koulianos

In this episode, Lorisa & Michael Miller get to interview their friends Michael & Jessica Koulianos about their testimony and history together. The Koulianos direct Je...

#025: Convo with Jaco Booyens

In this episode, Michael, Lorisa, and Elyssa sit down with Jaco Booyen. Joco directs a ministry called "Sharing Together Now," he is one of the leading voices in minis...

#024: Convo with Elyssa and Lorisa

In this episode, Michael and Lorisa sit down and interview Elyssa Smith. We catch up with her and talk about her forthcoming solo release.

#023: Convo with Spencer Turnbull

This week, we have a Spencer Turnbull on the podcast. He's in his third season playing for the Detroit Tigers (MLB). We talk about baseball, quarantine, his journey as...

#022: Convo with Dante Bowe

Dante Bowe sits down with Michael, Autumn & Elyssa. We talk about the history of Maverick City, being a worship leader, and a collab between Maverick City and UPPERROOM.

#020: Talking Creativity

Miller, Jony & Joacim talk about their approach for media in 2020.

#018: Part 1 Will Ford and Billy Humphrey

These special men of God share their prophetic history and heart for racial reconciliation.

#017: Michael Mauldin on Politics

Our good friend Michael Mauldin speaks to how to engage in politics with a Kingdom lens.

#016: We Need the Word of the Lord

Billy Humphrey from IHOP Atlanta joins our conversation around race and our need for the word of the Lord.

#015: The 'ISM' of Race

We sit down with our friend Reward Sibanda to talk about the stronghold of racism and God's presence as our solution.

#014: Black Lives Matter

Michael and Autumn talk with Eniola and Orin about our heart process amidst the upheaval in our nation.

#013: Racism

Michael, Eniola, Elyssa and Cassie discuss Racism in America

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